Hip Injuries and Pain | Dynamix Physical Therapy

We Treat Hip Injuries and Pain. 

Hip pain can usually be divided up into two categories: Lateral hip pain and anterior hip pain. Most commonly, lateral hip pain is diagnosed as hip bursitis and anterior hip pain as femoral acetabular impingement (FAI) or primary osteoarthritis of the hip. People with hip bursitis or lateral hip pain usually will have increased pain with prolonged activity (walking, running) and is alleviated with rest. People with FAI typically will have anterior hip pain with activity and deep squatting/bending activities and will see reduced/painful hip flexion range of motion. Hip arthritis typically presents as groin pain that is worse first thing in the morning and after prolonged periods of rest, which gets better with movement or activity.


To address hip pain, a Dynamix therapist will identify the driver or cause of those specific symptoms by assessing the entire pelvis, lumbar spine, and hip complex. We will identify areas within this system that are hypomobile (not moving well enough) and use tools such as spinal/joint mobilization and various forms of myofascial release to restore normal mobility.


Often times, hip bursitis is caused by excessive motion at the hip or a hypermobile joint. This increases the stress on the musculature of the hip causing tendon damage and injury resulting in pain at the outer part of the hip. If a Dynamix therapist determines this is the source of your pain, we will focus on identifying the source/driver of this “excessive motion,” which could be anywhere from the lower back down to the foot/ankle, and reduce or control that motion. We do that by identifying areas that are hypomobile (typically at the sacroiliac (SI) joint or foot/ankle complex), restore normal motion at those areas, then treat the symptom driver (tendon or bursa) with various forms of soft tissue mobilization and dry needling. If your hip pain is a result from an injury, such as a fall, and weight bearing is difficult and painful, an x-ray should be performed to rule out hip fracture first.


Hip pain is very well managed and treated with physical therapy. Give your local Dynamix Physical Therapy clinic a call to set up a free consultation for your specific hip issues. Find the closest Dynamix on our locations page.