Knee Pain | Dynamix Physical Therapy

We Treat Knee Pain.

Knee pain is best divided into two categories: 

1. Knee pain that originated due to an injury, and

2. Knee pain that is insidious in nature or began without an apparent cause or mechanism.


Knee pain that began due to an injury can be assessed by a Dynamix physical therapist to determine the severity of the injury. All Dynamix therapists are skilled in assessing all knee injuries and can determine if further evaluation is required with an Orthopedic Surgeon or if physical therapy alone is appropriate.


Knee pain that is insidious in nature or that began without a specific injury or cause, is rarely a knee issue alone. There are usually contributing factors coming from the SI joint and hip or from the foot and ankle. Typically, a Dynamix therapist doesn’t get too specific with pain location, but at the knee, pain location gives your therapist a lot of information as to what is causing your pain specifically. A squat test will be performed to see when and where knee pain is present and to observe squat form and mechanics.


Most commonly, knee pain of this nature is coming from the patella-femoral joint or the knee cap. This is why a Dynamix therapist will always assess the SI joint/hip and foot/ankle complex because they dictate how the knee cap moves with activities like walking, stair management and running. Your therapist will identify which of these areas is driving your knee pain and treat with joint and soft tissue mobilization, taping and/or muscle re-education/strengthening. For example, pain at the front of the knee with squatting is typically caused by excessive compression of the knee cap due to tension in the quad musculature. A Dynamix therapist would use soft tissue mobilization or dry needling to relieve tension in the quads and perform patella mobilizations to reduce compression through the knee.


There are numerous things that could be causing knee pain, so a Dynamix therapist will perform consistent re-assessments to determine if they are treating the appropriate area.


Physical therapy is a very effective treatment for all types of knee pain. At Dynamix, we will use a holistic, hands-on approach to diagnose and treat your specific knee issues. For a free consultation or to schedule an appointment, please call us. You can find the closest Dynamix Physical Therapy clinic to you by visiting our locations page.