Back Pain | Dynamix Physical Therapy

We Treat Back Pain. 

It has been estimated that 80% of adults experience some form of acute or chronic back pain, which makes it the 6th most costly condition in the United States. There are many treatments to tackle back pain, and receiving treatment from Dynamix Physical Therapy can help.


As with all initial evaluations, a good history of the current injury is critical in determining the plan of care you want to implement. Once your physical therapist obtains a thorough history of any past injuries or surgeries, a treatment plan is created based on findings during the initial evaluation. Some of the treatments that are used to treat back pain include:

  • Muscle Energy Techniques - low level muscle force generated to correct the dysfunction 
  • Joint Mobilizations - low to high force articulations performed by physical therapist to decrease pain or increase joint mobility
  • Dry Needling - an acupuncture needle inserted into a trigger point within the muscle to decrease pain and ms tension
  • Myofascial Release - a hands-on manual therapy technique applied to muscle to normalize muscle function and decrease stress of tissue
  • Flexibility Exercises - help restore pain-free range of motion
  • Core Stabilization - help with spinal support

There are many interventions used to treat back pain. These are some of the many techniques that your Dynamix physical therapist will incorporate and help you return to your optimal level of function.