Dynamix Physical Therapist Adam Clark Shares "8 Keys to Happiness" at Dyer County High School

Dynamix Physical Therapist Adam Clark Shares "8 Keys to Happiness" at Dyer County High School

Dynamix Physical Therapist Adam Clark Shares

Clinic director of Dynamix Physical Therapy in Dyersburg, Adam Clark, was the guest speaker at Dyer County High School’s (DCHS) special award ceremony on Oct. 27, 2022, for the “Most Valuable Choctaw,” given to a senior for their accomplishments and hard work throughout their high school career. Clark was the recipient of this award in 2008.


Clark addressed the senior class with words of wisdom as they embark on their new phase in life after high school, whether that be attending college, trade school or going straight into the workforce. He shared the traditional way of thinking is that if we strive for success, we will ultimately be happy. But he challenged the group to flip that traditional way of thinking and to strive for happiness, and success will be the outcome.


“In order to be in a leadership position, we have to continue to learn and grow as leaders,” said Clark. “I have been reading a book that one of my mentors, Patrick Hoban of Great Lakes Seminars, recommended called ‘The Happiness Advantage’ by Shawn Achor. From this book, Patrick pulled out eight keys to happiness that he has shared with me, and today, I want to share these with you.”


8 Keys to Happiness


1. Develop a life of meaning and purpose.

Find out what you love to do, what you are good at and how can you make the world a better place with the skills you have been given.


2. Concentrate on the positives and find perspective in the negatives. 

Approach everything in life with a positive mindset. Try finding three good things that happen each day, and you will see that you will eventually start focusing on the positives happening every day around you instead of dwelling on the negatives.


3. See triggers as life showing you where you can grow.


4. Failures in life don’t make you a failure.

We all fail throughout life, but be sure to show yourself grace.


5. Keep your priorities in line.

Make sure you know what in the most important in your life, and for me it is to be a good servant to the Lord, to be a loving husband and father, and then to give my best every day at work.


6. Keep 20% of your future career doing something you love.

This number seems low, but if you have the privilege to be in a career where you love what you do 20% of the time, then you are where you are supposed to be.


7. Focus on you, not on others.

What this means is stop comparing yourself with others. In today’s digital world with social media, you are constantly reminded of what they are doing instead of focusing on what you could be doing. Don’t let someone else determine your outlook on life just because you think they have it better than you. Take control of the small things in life by setting small, moderate, attainable goals that you can accomplish. Then, once the big ones come along, you can take on that challenge.


8. Focus on relationships.

The single greatest investment in life is the relationships you make. God places different people at different times throughout our lives to help us along the way. Don’t feel like you have to do life alone. The people you meet through life are there for you no matter what you may go through. But also remember to share that responsibility. Your words matter and you can use your words to encourage and build up people in your life.


After Clark gave his remarks, Laura Brimm, principal of DCHS, announced Brooke Buchanan as the recipient of the “Most Valuable Choctaw.”


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