Dynamix Physical Therapy's Techniques for Assessing Pain and Best Practices for Diagnosis

Dynamix Physical Therapy's Techniques for Assessing Pain and Best Practices for Diagnosis

What are the latest techniques that Dynamix Physical Therapy clinicians use to find the root of the dysfunction that is causing you pain? Read more to understand how our therapists assess and help our patients who live with chronic pain.

The foundation for any medical diagnosis is rooted in a medical provider’s assessment skills. When a client presents to a clinic, the medical provider conducts a thorough subjective evaluation by asking pertinent questions, obtaining objective measurements, and assessing these to reach a clinical diagnosis and thus treatment plan

Physical and occupational therapists at Dynamix Physical Therapy are trained and highly skilled in their ability to assess subjective complaints and objective measurements in order to arrive at a clinical diagnosis to treat our clients’ ailments. This clinical diagnosis, or more appropriately called physical therapy diagnosis, is what allows a therapist to differentiate their treatment for the individual needs of each client.

For example, let’s say you present to a Dynamix clinician with complaints of shoulder pain. You will be evaluated and assessed to determine where the root cause of your shoulder pain is coming from. In the case of the shoulder, the cause of pain may stem from the neck, upper back, ribs, scapula or some other body region. It is the ability to assess and treat based on determining this root cause of pain that sets Dynamix therapists apart from other physical therapists.

During the first year of employment at Dynamix, therapists are mentored by a senior therapist in their clinic and complete an “in-house fellowship” that is known as Dynamix University. It is through this training that Dynamix therapists learn how to interpret the subjective symptoms and objective measurements they obtain from their patients to arrive at a clinical diagnosis. This leads our therapists to create a customizable treatment plan to get our clients back to what they love doing as soon as possible without pain.

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