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We Use Cardiovascular Conditioning.

Cardiovascular conditioning consists of a closely supervised program to improve a person’s overall endurance. When creating a customized plan of care, a person's overall health conditions and goals need to be considered. Often times a person will become de-conditioned after a hospitalization, a cardiac condition, or if other health conditions prevent them from being as active as possible.


It is important to always have baseline measurements, which will be tested and recorded at the beginning of the program and retested at certain intervals during the program. Based on the deficits found with testing and subjective reports, a program can be created to focus on a patient’s specific issues and goals.


A cardiovascular conditioning program will consist of closely monitored aerobic activity, functional exercises, and a detailed, safe at-home exercise regimen to make improvements in the patient’s quality of life and ability to perform their daily activities. Supervised cardiovascular conditioning is a great way for a person to become more active, and ultimately lead to a healthier more independent lifestyle.


At Dynamix Physical Therapy, our highly-trained therapists will create a customized cardiovascular conditioning program that will benefit you. Schedule an appointment today to receive a free injury assessment. Find the closest Dynamix clinic to you by visiting our locations page.