by Collin White, PT, MPT

In life we ask ourselves, “Do we play things safe or do we take a chance?” For example, does a football team play it safe and kick a field goal, or does it take a chance and go for it on 4th down to win the game? Sometimes in life the decision may be easy to make. But then there are those situations in life where you just cannot decide what to do. You ask for advice from friends and family and in the end it just doesn’t help. You become hesitant to make any decision at all.

I was in a similar position a little over a year ago. For almost seven years, I practiced PT in another city. It was my first job right out of PT school. While I was at my old job, I had heard of a PT clinic through a family member. She actually was receiving PT there. I looked at their website one evening and I was amazed at what some of the staff’s certifications were. Well, as time went by I eventually came to the conclusion that I wanted a change in my life. I wanted to better myself. I wanted to be a better clinician. It just so happens that this family member that I previously mentioned spoke with her therapist about me. She gave him my number and he contacted me one evening. We talked for a while and the talk went well. Then the owners asked if I wanted to meet and just talk. I agreed. One day, we met at a local restaurant. After sitting down at the table with them, they proceeded to ask me questions. This took me off guard because as time when on, I began to see that this wasn’t just a talk…THIS WAS AN INTERVIEW. I remember leaving that restaurant not too confident.

But then, two days later, I checked my email and there it was: An offer for a PT position with Dynamix Physical Therapy and Fitness. I couldn’t believe it. A lot of emotions ran through my head. I was at a crossroads. Do I play it safe and stay with the job I have had for so long, or do I take a chance on a job that is 45 minutes away in order to potentially improve my skills and become a better Physical Therapist? I asked for advice but was hesitant to make any decision at all.


Well, as you can tell, I took a chance. I accepted the offer and I have been with Dynamix for a little over a year now. I can honestly say that I am a better PT than I was a year ago. The staff here has helped me grow my skills and have nurtured my growth with patience and encouragement. I can honestly say that I would not have grown this much without them. Not only that, but being at Dynamix has encouraged me never to settle. I took a chance on Dynamix, but more importantly, Dynamix took a chance on me and for that I am grateful.