by Heath Ladd, PT, OCS, CIMT

In 1997, the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) was launched using a marketing campaign that employed the slogan “We Got Next”.  It was a playground basketball phrase which translated to “it’s our turn” or “it’s our time to play”.  Now, over 20 years later, this slogan holds true for Dynamix.  This company is composed of a team with a progressive mind from a clinical perspective while maintaining old school values in terms of service and care.  We’re primary care physical therapists who utilize not only referrals from other clinicians, but also direct access for our customers and are educated to the level of being able to treat and guide our customers regarding their healthcare on many levels.  We’re hands-on clinicians, utilizing highly skilled manual interventions in customer care.  We have a presence in the community because we know our foundation rests in relationship building and educating the public regarding our scope of practice. We’re leaders in this industry, and we’re putting in the time daily to develop that aspect of thinking.  Dynamix is more than a physical therapy clinic—we’re a movement in the profession.  Dynamix is more than a fitness center—we’re a brand centered around health, lifestyle, and community.  Dynamix is more than a business—we’re a team composed of individuals governed by 6 core values:

1.  Go Beyond
Go beyond in all aspects of customer service delivering a “Wow Experience” to individuals that allow us to take part in their care

2.  Team Up
Team up in driving a purpose that transcends one person

3.  Be Humble
Be humble but confident in realizing that with success comes challenge, but during these times we rely on one another

4.  Create Fun
Create fun in every moment while cherishing the relationships you are building

5.  Cultivate Growth
Cultivate growth by realizing the need for continued development spiritually, personally and professionally

6.  Drive Change
Drive change by blazing a path rather than following a path

Since our inception 8 years ago, we continue to build a team with one common purpose: to be the bright spot in our customers day while pursuing excellence in healthcare and service.  We are Dynamix.  “We Got Next”.