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We use Flexibility Exercises.

Flexibility exercises and consistent stretching is often an overlooked part of an exercise regimen but is a crucial part of maintaining good general health. Performing proper stretches and dynamic mobility exercises will prevent injury, increase comfort with daily activities, and improve performance when playing sports. Flexibility exercises can help to manage arthritis by keeping not only muscles looser, but also joints lubricated and moving in the most efficient way possible.


Everyone can benefit from flexibility exercises tailored to their specific limitations and goals. However, people that specifically have complaints of stiffness, tightness, frequent soreness, and even those that are looking to increase strength can benefit from flexibility exercises. A mobility program can be performed between 5-30 minutes and can be modified to be performed almost anywhere and with minimal space and equipment required. Flexibility exercises can be as simple as being mindful to have good posture while sitting at a computer desk, all the way to higher-level yoga poses.


Just like anything, it is important to start at a level that you are comfortable with and build from there while maintaining good form with all activities that you do.


Ask your expert Dynamix physical therapist for a good recommendation for your flexibility exercises when you schedule an appointment with them. Find the closest Dynamix Physical Therapy clinic to you by visiting our locations page.