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We Treat Neck Pain.

Neck pain, or cervicalgia, is generally described as pain in the neck with movements or stiffness. Some of the most common symptoms are nerve root impingement, degenerative changes, posture, headaches, or an atlantoaxis joint dysfunction (unable to rotate to one side).


All of these symptoms can be addressed in physical therapy, and generally, significantly improve the patient’s symptoms. It can be as easy as a simple muscle energy technique to correct the dysfunction, a myofascial release to sub-occipital muscles to alleviate headaches, mobilizations to improve joint mobility, or some general stabilization/posture improvement exercises. In all cases, the treatment is first established through a thorough evaluation with one of the elite Dynamix physical therapists.


If you are suffering from some of these symptoms, try physical therapy first. For a free consultation, visit our locations page to find the closest Dynamix Physical Therapy clinic near you. Then, call to schedule your appointment.