The Dynamix story embodies the American dream and a couple of farm boys from West Tennessee. Dynamix was born out of an idea—an idea which was driven by a passion for people, a goal to revolutionize physical therapy, and a journey to create a brand which transcends any one person.  


The story began when Russ Huffstetler met Heath Ladd and formed a friendship. Farming families, competitive spirits honed in athletic participation, and humility grounded in faith— Heath and Russ had a lot in common. Russ was 27, living in his parents upstairs, while maintaining a home in the Nashville area that he had recently put on the market, and really searching for purpose in life and business.  Heath was living in Martin, Tennessee, with another friend Ross Pope, who is now an integral part of the leadership team at Dynamix.  The initial plan included a full service health club in the Milan, Tennessee area and to gradually add PT as growth occurred. The proverbial “punch in the face” was delivered when they received the quote regarding the equipment on the wish list. Dynamix settled on a small rental space behind McDonalds, which had a great view of the drive thru, to begin the journey. Heath sold his home and moved in with Russ in a house that he had purchased in Milan. They began to dive into the paperwork associated with opening a healthcare company which would scare anyone, especially a couple of guys 28 years old. 


Dynamix was entering an industry dominated by hospital based clinics and physician owned practices, but “the guys” (as dubbed by Mykie Anderson, COO) surmised that who better to revolutionize the physical therapy business than physical therapists? They found peace of mind painting and cleaning the first clinic location in an attempt to squeeze lemonade out of what was probably NOT even a lemon. Dynamix saw their first customer in April of 2009, and yes both Heath and Russ still remember his name. Russ has said, “I can remember sitting around a treatment table one afternoon discussing strategies to growing our business, and saying one day we will look back and cherish the opportunities we have now to sit and talk about these things.”  

Some of our fondest memories took place in that first little building eating on the go and working thru lunch which is still not uncommon around Dynamix.  Friendships were forged with some great people, lots of laughs, headaches, and even tears were shed in that building. A jam box was present, a television was not, which probably made for good conversation. The first 2 years of Dynamix is a story in itself, illustrating the early struggles of a brand which includes successes and setbacks. Dynamix moved into a new location in 2011 and has taken off with additional physical therapy clinics and health clubs in West Tennessee—but the journey is just beginning.  


Dynamix is built around a team—a team with common goals, a common purpose, and a common mission: “To be the bright spot in our customers day while pursuing excellence in healthcare and service.”


  • 2008 Formation of Company

  • 2009 Milan, Tennessee location opens

  • 2009 Sports medicine outreach initiated

  • 2011 Milan location expands to meet growing demands

  • 2012 Trenton, Tennessee location opens to serve area needs

  • 2013 Humboldt, Tennessee location opens

  • 2014 Brownsville, Tennessee location opens

  • 2016 Opened clinic and fitness center in Greenfield, Tennessee

  • 2016 Opened new corporate headquarters in Milan, Tennessee

  • 2016 Opened new larger physical therapy clinic in Milan, Tennessee

  • 2016 Opened state of the art fitness center in Milan, Tennessee

  • 2016 Opened new fitness center at our existing Humboldt, Tennessee location

  • 2017 Opened new facility in McKenzie, Tennessee

  • 2018 Opened new facility in Millington, Tennessee

  • 2019 Opened clinic and fitness center in Union City, Tennessee

  • 2020 Opened new facility in Covington, Tennessee

  • 2020 Opened new facility in Paris, Tennessee 

  • 2021 Opened new facility in Jackson, Tennessee 

  • 2021 Opened new facility in Dyersburg, Tennessee