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The Sauce

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

by Edric Gaylor, PT, DPT

More often than not, starting at around 10:30 AM the conversation in the clinic somehow shifts to everyone’s favorite topic – food. On this particular fall morning, someone mentioned that Sam’s Club had started to sell frozen nuggets that tasted nearly identical to those served at Chick Fil A. (Yes, those nuggets). I quickly pondered all of my options: “I can eat as many as I want in one sitting, I can eat them on Sundays.” Excitedly, I announced my intention to buy a bag of these nuggets, then go to Chick Fil A and get an assortment of sauces to enjoy them with. This sparked a conversation about Chick Fil A’s willingness to provide as many condiments as one desires for their meal, without any objections or additional charges. In fact, they are almost eager to provide this service for their customers. This fact, along with excellent customer service and overall politeness, led me to question: Why have other fast food chains not adopted this model? Do they not see the success that Chick Fil A has had utilizing these methods?

The answer to this question, while difficult to achieve and sustain, is quite simple: company culture. Company culture is vital to the success of many different businesses of varying backgrounds and is at the heart of what makes Dynamix the premier physical therapy provider in West Tennessee. Company culture is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to replicate and is dependent on the individuals that make up the company. Our owners and leadership team have done an excellent job of organizing a special group of providers who share similar goals and exemplify core values that enhance our patients’ experiences on a daily basis. We are individually and collectively committed to developing our skills based on the latest research/trends to restore our patients’ function based on their individual needs. This culture is what ensures that we are able to carry out our mission: “To be the bright spot in our customer’s day while pursuing excellence in healthcare and service." We strive to go beyond in every aspect of patient care and customer service – in other words, making sure that you get “the sauce.”

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