Dynamix Physical Therapy Named 2022 Ascend National ‘Practice of the Year’

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Dynamix Physical Therapy is West Tennessee’s leader in elite physical therapy and sports medicine, and is the recipient of the 2022 Ascend National Practice of the Year Award. With the mission of being the bright spot in customers’ day while pursuing excellence in healthcare and service, Dynamix offers multiple services, including manual therapy, a hands-on based treatment unique to this area, sports medicine, fitness, free injury assessments and work conditioning. Follow Dynamix on Facebook and Instagram for the latest news.


Dynamix Physical Therapy Named 2022 Ascend National ‘Practice of the Year’

Dynamix Physical Therapy Named 2022 Ascend National ‘Practice of the Year’

Milan, Tenn. - Dynamix Physical Therapy has been named the National Practice of the Year at the 2022 Ascend Conference in Charlotte, N.C., hosted by WebPT, a software company created for outpatient rehab companies.  

Being recognized at the national level is one of the highest honors a physical therapy company can receive. It is a testimony of the hard work, training, and years of practice and innovative ways to grow in the physical therapy industry.

Co-founders of Dynamix Heath Ladd and Russ Huffstetler accepted the award on the Ascend stage at the conclusion of the conference on Sat., May 21, 2022.

“The vision of Dynamix was always to move the profession forward, and that’s our why,” said Ladd. “This company is about people, empowering people, who empower people, and that is what will continue to move the company forward.”

“To stand here in front of our peers, on the Ascend stage and win an award like this, is humbling, and it is exciting,” said Huffstetler. “One of our core values is to be humble but continue to innovate in the industry. It’s also about empowering leaders. We need leaders in this industry, and that is what we at Dynamix are about.”

Dynamix started with humble beginnings in 2008 as an idea, then turned into reality when the business partners opened the first clinic in Milan, Tenn., in 2009. Since then, the company has grown to 12 clinics, with over 150 team members serving the most elite physical therapy and sports medicine services in West Tennessee.

Huffstetler closed out his acceptance speech by sharing words of wisdom for all of the innovators and creators in the audience, as well as the team members back home who helped make this happen, “Trust your hustle, and refuse mediocrity.”

Other team members who represented Dynamix at the conference included Mykie Anderson, VP of Operations; Katie Jarvis, Public Relations Director; Nick Nordvedt, VP of Clinical Development; Ross Pope, VP of Sports Medicine; and Walker Wellington, VP of Finance.

WebPT, the host of the conference, provides compliant documentation, accurate claims and maximized payments, giving therapists more time with their patients. WebPT has 90,000 members that use the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software.

To see photos and other highlights of the night, visit Dynamix’s Facebook and Instagram. To schedule your next appointment with your national award-winning physical therapy clinic, visit dynamix.life for locations and contact information.