by Kelly Anderson, PT, DPT

I have never had any substantial injuries in my life but I have had a trial or tribulation to go through. The best advice I can think of to get through your circumstances, whether you are going through a physical difficulty or emotional hurdle, is to build your endurance muscle. By endurance muscle I am speaking more metaphorically and referring to what good ‘ole Webster defines as “the ability to withstand hardship or adversity; especially: the ability to sustain a prolonged stressful effort or activity.”


The most difficult physical activity I have thus far endured is training for a marathon, and there are a few tips I would recommend regarding endurance. The first tip would be to set your goal… and set baby goals that will lead you to that big one. Secondly, find what works best for you! With running, everyone has an opinion about how much you should run and other workouts to incorporate. It is important to seek advice and guidance from multiple sources when trying to overcome your obstacles. What works for one person does not necessarily work for all.


Try out different survival tactics. Maybe on a strong day you choose the power of positive thinking and on a weaker day you use the power of distraction (I often thought of Alaska and ice cream on hot days). Talk to others about your concerns, accept support from others, and maybe put yourself in shoes of others who have it a little harder than you. Automate you life by trying to incorporate the most helpful tactics either throughout the day or when convenient. Once you get moving in the right direction, ride that wave as long as you can.


Now that you have your survival tactics down, enjoy the accomplishments of those baby goals!

During my first marathon in 2015 I had to walk from mile 19 all the way to the finish line at 26.2 because I was dog tired. Last year, when I did my second marathon, I was still dog tired at mile 19 and felt like I was about to hit my wall… but I realized I actually felt much better than the year prior so I kept on running!

When all else fails, just keep putting one foot in front of the other. I actually said those very words several times to myself throughout the race. It was either ‘Put one foot in front of the other’ or ‘Just keep swimming,’ as Dori says. Reset your eyes on your goal and keep chugging along full steam ahead… YOU CAN DO IT!!!