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Dynamix Physical Therapy offers incredible sports medicine programs with schools throughout the West Tennessee region. From practice and game day coverage to seeing athletes in one of the Dynamix clinics, the sports medicine team makes sure all athletes are well taken care of on and off the field.


All of our Athletic Trainers (ATCs) cover all sports, including football, basketball, softball, baseball, and other sports teams. Some of the highlights that these trainers focus on include: ​

  • Sport-specific rehabilitation When athletes become injured during their sport, Dynamix Physical Therapy ensures that rehabilitation promotes excellence in return to play.

  • On-site medical coverage for sporting events During sporting events, a sports medicine provider is present for each game. The role of this medical professional is to provide medical care for athletes and those in attendance of the sporting event.

  • Comprehensive injury management Athletes are monitored before injury, during the injury, and also during the rehabilitation process for return to play.

  • Communication with athletes, parents, coaches, and physicians Sports medicine professionals are in constant contact regularly with athletes, parents, physicians and coaches.

  • 24 hr on-call access to professional staff Athletic Trainers and Physical Therapists at Dynamix are available 24 hours a day regarding the health of our patients. Parents and coaches are provided with personal phone numbers of the sports medicine team.

  • Conditioning and nutrition assistance The Dynamix Sports Medicine Team is able to assist coaches with recommendations for conditioning and exercises to prevent injury. Another important role of the sports medicine team is to provide advice regarding nutrition, such as pre-event meals.

  • Laser performance assessments Members of the Dynamix Sports Medicine team are able to recognize poor mechanics in sport. This assessment of performance can also target areas that could improve the health of our patients.


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Sports Medicine Partners

  • Bradford Schools
  • Brighton High School
  • Covington High School
  • Dresden Schools
  • Fulton Railroaders Baseball
  • Gibson County High School and Junior Pioneers
  • Gleason Schools
  • Glory Gymnastics
  • Greenfield Schools
  • Inman Middle School - Paris
  • Jackson Cheer Company
  • Jackson Christian
  • Lakeland Preparatory
  • McKenzie Middle School 
  • Milan Middle School
  • Milan High School
  • Munford Schools
  • Outlander CrossFit
  • Sacred Heart of Jesus High School
  • South Fulton Schools 
  • Trenton Schools
  • Union City Schools
  • University School of Jackson
  • Westview High School 
  • West Carroll Schools


Will is originally from Dyer, Tennessee where he attended Gibson County High School.  In 2015, he graduated from Union University in Jackson, Tennessee with a Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training.  He then became certified and licensed as an athletic trainer.  Will pursued a Doctor of Physical Therapy at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis, graduating in 2018 with high honors.  Throughout his educational journey, Will was a part of the Dynamix team, and upon being awarded his license to practice physical therapy, Will began working for Dynamix as a physical therapist. 


Will is certified in dry needling and is currently pursuing his Certified Integrative Manual Therapist (CIMT) and Diploma in Osteopractic medicine. The CIMT designation is held by less than 150 clinicians nationally.  The Diploma in Osteopractic includes certifications in Spinal Manipulative Therapy (SMT), Dry Needling (DN), and Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Therapy (IASTM).  Will has currently completed his Cert DN and continues to receive advanced training from the Spinal Manipulation institute and Dry Needling Institute respectively. Will has a particular interest in spinal rehab and sports rehabilitation/training.  His professional energy is dedicated to providing excellent individualized patient care, following the example set forth by Dynamix:  “To be the bright spot in our customers’ day while pursuing excellence in healthcare and service.”


Will currently lives in Jackson with his wife, Mallory, who is a speech-language pathologist.  He enjoys playing golf, cycling, and spending time with his family and friends.  Will is a fan of the Tennessee Volunteers and the New York Yankees.  He is also an avid racing fan, particularly Formula 1. 


Will covers games for Gleason High School. 

Favorite Quote:

It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get up. Vince Lombardi

Fun Fact:

Will has been sky diving twice, the first time being his very FIRST time to ride in an airplane.