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We Use Strength Training.

A detailed and comprehensive strength training program is essential to any athlete recovering from an injury, making off-season improvements, or working hard to go to the next level in their sport.


After an extensive evaluation of dynamic movements, joint restrictions, and muscular restrictions, a proper strength training program can be developed. Oftentimes, injuries and plateaus can come from improper biomechanics or neglected smaller, accessory muscles. After an expert evaluation, a patient can have a program built specifically for them from the foundation up to ensure that there are no deficits left at the end of the program. The program will also include sport-specific and functional activities to ensure everything comes together to reach the patient’s goals.


Although these programs are often geared toward athletes, everyone can benefit from strength training which can be adjusted to meet any goals that a person may have. As we age, we naturally lose strength, and a consistent strength training program will help to decrease falls, ward off osteoporosis and maintain overall good health. Whether trying to maintain independence or get that scholarship for sports, proper strength training is the key to achieving it.


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