by Nick Nordtvedt, PT, DPT, Cert MDT


“Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress. 

 Working hard for something we love is called passion.”  -Simon Sinek



Each week, I look forward to visiting with patients in my clinic to see  what is going on in their lives and discussing things that they are  passionate about in the community.  Anthony walks into my clinic often,  usually to report some sort of daily news such as the lunch specials at  the local restaurants or what the particular “national day” is today. Did you know that November 1st was National Cook For Your Pets Day?


I have come to realize, as Anthony has visited my clinic almost daily  for four years, that he has a passion for dates and calendars.  He has a  gift to quickly recall specific dates, birthdays, and holidays.  He is  even able to tell you what day of the week a particular date will occur  on later this year or what day your birthday will fall on next year.  He  visits businesses this time of year in search of calendars for the  upcoming year.  He will then add them to his growing collection or pass  them around to others so they can also prepare in anticipation of the  coming year.


In talking about these calendars with Anthony a few weeks ago, I can’t  help but get excited myself for what the upcoming year will hold. Halloween, the unofficial start to the holiday season, has come and  gone, and we are all anxiously anticipating Thanksgiving and Christmas. The inevitable end to the holiday season is New Year’s Day when most of  us will set goals, either conscious and calculated, or loosely thought  of as things we would like to do in the coming year.


I’ve found the blank calendar can either be an extremely powerful tool  or extremely overwhelming in deciding how we will spend our future time. Time is a truly non-renewable resource, and most of us could improve  our time management skills.  The caveat is that it takes time to manage  our time.  If we set aside time on a regular basis to plan ahead-next  week, next month, and next year-it is remarkable the goals that we can  reach.  All of a sudden, the dream that seemed unattainable is much more  within reach.


If you don’t have your 2019 calendar yet, or you’re like me and use  your iPhone calendar for your regular schedule, I challenge you to pick  up some sort of paper calendar.  Mark it up with goals, dreams, travel  plans, and dates for which you would like to plan in greater detail. Get organized so that you can manage your time without being wasteful.  This is how you can use the remaining weeks of this year to build  momentum on your goals moving into 2019.  Work hard towards these goals  and enjoy the anticipation of achieving something great!  Most  importantly, work hard towards something you are truly passionate about.