Vestibular Rehabilitation | Dynamix Physical Therapy

We Use Vestibular Rehabilitation.

Dizziness can be a debilitating condition that can force a person to stay in bed for days and even weeks. However, that does not have to be the case with the help of expert treatment to address the issues within the vestibular system causing those symptoms.


Balance comes from several systems within the body (vestibular system) including the inner ear, vision and proprioception (knowing where our body is relative to other things). The inner ear has small crystals in it which allows the body to properly balance itself. When those crystals do not flow as they should, the body gets incorrect signals and as a result a person can feel dizziness especially when changing positions in bed or sitting up too quickly.


After a professional evaluation and testing, it can be determined if those crystals are the culprit of a person’s dizziness. If so, then through a series of treatments, the crystals are able to be repositioned to function properly.


In conjunction with addressing any inner ear issues, a patient will benefit from balance training to ensure that all other systems are working together to provide the most stability and safety with daily activities. These balance and proprioceptive activities will include standing, walking, neck and vision exercises to allow for the most optimal outcome.


Your Dynamix physical therapist will work with you to help decrease the amount of dizziness you are experiencing. To find the closest Dynamix clinic near you, visit our locations page.