Work Injuries | Dynamix Physical Therapy

We Treat Work Injuries. 

Unfortunately, work is a place where a lot of injuries occur. These injuries are most often traumatic in nature or due to a certain incident/mechanism, but there are also injuries that are generated due to a repetitive motion that your job requires. Most often, work-related injuries are handled by your company's specific workers compensation insurance. Dynamix Physical Therapy has and continues to work with all local workers compensation insurances and are glad to provide physical therapy for your work-related injuries.


If you are referred to Dynamix for your work injury, a highly trained Dynamix therapist will look specifically at your job requirements and create a plan to return you to your full job related activities in a manner that is safer and free of pain. They will assess your area of pain and dysfunction and demonstrate how that is directly impacting your work.


Dynamix therapists provide a unique, holistic approach to treating your specific injury and will develop new strategies to best perform your job requirements. If your injury requires a surgery, they specialize in post-operative care and will be glad to provide your post-operative rehab to restore normal function and full return to your work.


Dynamix Physical Therapy specializes in treating all joint and spine related issues that may be negatively impacting your work performance. Dynamix would love to help and get you back to work at the highest level possible.


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